Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

Celebrating 20 Years

Nannies from the Heartland celebrated 20 years of excellence with a gathering on Saturday, September 11 at Bryant Lake Regional Park in Eden Prairie. Since 1990, Nannies from the Heartland has been providing personal service to families and nannies in the Twin Cities metropolitan area with a staff of industry leaders and experts. 

Twin Cities Professional Nannies (TCPN), a local non-profit nanny support group, partnered with Nannies from the Heartland to donate bags, tissue and nanny power. TCPN's mission is to promote the nanny profession as a legitimate career choice, to encourage education, networking, and community involvement, and to foster the development of children. For more information about TCPN visit

Attendees filled 100 birthday gift bags for children of families in poverty. The bags were donated to Second Harvest for distribution throughout the Twin City metro area via local food shelves. Bags were decorated with a personal touch and filled with several small toys, stickers and crayons.

The birthday bag project is the focus of the non-profit Cheerful Givers. Their mission is to provide toy-filled birthday gift bags to food shelves and shelters so that parents living in poverty can give their child a birthday gift. This simple gesture boosts self-esteem, enhances self-worth, and strengthens bonds in families. Cheeful Givers president, Karen Kitchel shared with attendees the story of how the organization got started and some personal stories about families positively affected by the birthday bag project. For more information about Cheerful Givers visit

Thanks to everyone who made this event special!

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  1. Many thanks from Cheerful Givers for helping to provide birthday gifts for less fortunate children.