Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Local Resource

     I attended meeting at the Behavioral Institute for Children and Adolescents in Roseville recently. I was interested to see a very extensive library of resource information focused on helping professionals and parents who work with children with emotional and behavioral challenges. The topics were wide ranging and impressive in depth which included ADHD, autism, sensory processing issues, self-esteem, postitive behavior, early intervention and cultural awareness. 
     The BICA also has a very nice book shop. Many books are written specifically for children of all ages dealing with a variety of topics including grief, loss, divorce, agression and bullying. They also have games and other multimedia materials.

     The library is free and open to the public, and set up to serve the adults in children's lives. They don't lend out the library material. However, they have a very comfortable area for researching whatever topic you are interested in and the staff is extremely knowledgable. The institute sponsors a conference each fall with experts in many fields dealing with children and their challenges.
For more information you may want to check out their website -

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