Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Travel Related Activities

Last Friday we posted an article, Travel Together. Here are some related activities that I've used over the years that can be an added asset to your travel experience. Enjoy!

Postcard Flip Book

Make your own memory book that even the smallest in the family can enjoy again and again. Purchase a postcard for each day or stop throughout your vacation trip. Have the child write a memory of that day on the card – younger ones can dictate to an adult. To assemble the book you punch one or more holes in each card so that they all line up and connect the cards with yarn or a metal connector ring. You may want to keep your postcards together in a zip-lock plastic bag so that when you get home you can assemble your book.

Travel Journal
Each trip is unique and memorable. Keeping a travel journal binds everyone’s memories in one book. If you have young, beginning writers you may want to select a book that is lined. There are commercially made journals, but you can also make our own from lined and unlined quality paper which can be kept in a plastic folder and then bound when you returned home. The unlined paper is wonderful for drawings or adding memorabilia – especially with younger children who aren’t writing yet. Again younger ones can dictate their travel stories. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the book. Over the years these can continue to delight and bring up fond memories and stories about past travels.

Travel Activity Booklet
Travel in the car can be challenging with children and keeping them entertained can become a fulltime job. Why not consider making a travel activity book that is based on your child’s interests and age level. Visit for fun mazes, puzzles, games and other car friendly activities you can customizefor each child’s own activity booklet.

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