Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scarfed Potatoes!

by Kelly Miller

My daughter and I were at the library recently, and we found a unique craft book:  Kid Made Modern by Todd Oldham.  Oldham states his book is inspired by mid-century modern design.  We immediately went home and started planning activities. 

Scarfed Potatoes was perfect for us.  "It's easy to make a potato printed tube scarf out of a cut up t-shirt printed with Marimekko inspired geometric patterns, " Oldham states.  And he is right! 

Supplies:  XXL white t-shirt, potato, fabric paint, scissors, knife

1.  Make a stamp by cutting potato in half, and then slice a square stamp form into the cut face.  Remove the side pieces away from the square form by slicing inward along the side.
2.  Cut across the t-shirt just under the sleeve and cut off the hem (you will have a rectangle shape of fabric).  Slide a piece of cardboard or foil inside the shirt to prevent the ink from going through to the other side.
3.  Hold the round end of the stamp, place stamp onto fabric paint and stamp your pattern on the fabric.  Follow washing directions on your fabric paint.

This book is worth reserving at the library.  Other fun projects include making your own building blocks and making a purse out of an envelope and duct tape.

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