Monday, July 9, 2012

Invest in Nanny Screening - Worth Every Penny

Over the years we’ve heard so many stories of families trying to screen and hire on their own or with an online service. They cite all the hours of work to prescreen candidates, call references, interview, do criminal background and driving checks in order to feel “ok” hiring a nanny who might not be a good fit or even worse, a negative experience for the family.

Families said the number one advantage of looking on their own came down to the expense. However, many concluded that the time and energy they expended in the process, with often less than desirable results, were really costing them in the long run.

While online services usually have some type of membership fees with the option of ala carte ordering for reference, background, or driving record checks, families still put in hours of work – and ordering add-on services doesn’t come cheap.

When these same families finally experience working with a full service agency that is knowledgeable and equipped to work on their behalf these families are amazed at the difference. A professional, experienced agency is going to customize the search for each family based on their unique needs and expectations. They see the investment as one that really makes sense in the long term.

Nannies also tell us that using online services or working with families on their own is a challenging and sometimes a nerve racking experience. There is vulnerability for all parties, but it is especially felt by nanny candidates. While families should be understandably concerned with inviting a stranger into their home for an interview, nannies are equally concerned for their safety when meeting a family that is unknown to them. Using an agency brings the valuable sense of security to both parties throughout the process. Veteran agencies will be able to help nannies find the best positions because they are dedicated to finding the best match to the nanny’s skills and experience.

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