Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Exploring Trains in St. Paul

Corrigan Layout
by Kelly Miller

I am the mother of a 2-yr-old who loves trains.  I recently went to the Jackson Street Roundhouse and also the Twin City Model Railroad Museum, both in St. Paul.

The Jackson Street Roundhouse was fun for my three children to explore (ages 2, 6 and 9 years old).  We enjoyed exploring old train cars, including sleeping cars, engines, a dining car and caboose.  Our family also joined another family in a classic bus ride through downtown St. Paul (included with admission).  My youngest child loved playing with the various train tables.  The Roundhouse also offers a caboose ride every half hour, but it was not available the Saturday we visited.  The Jackson Street Roundhouse is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The Twin City Model Railroad Museum at Bandana Square is another outing that will appeal to train lovers of all ages.  My 2-yr-old son enjoyed walking around the model trains and watching the trains come out of tunnels, go over bridges, etc.  His favorite was pushing a button that activated the Thomas model train.  This museum also has train tables for hands-on play.  The Twin City Model Railroad Museum is open Tuesday-Sundays.

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