Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is this coming Sunday. If you haven't come up with something special to give Dad then check out the following websites for ideas on great projects you can do.

Some ideas I've used include T-shirts with a variety of sayings using the children's hand and/or footprints. "Just for Dad" books that the children have made with their artwork and poems or stories with Dad in mind. We put the books together as you would a scrapbook. Photo scrapbooks that feature Dad and the children are wonderful as well. Most dads love anything homemade including his favorite cookies, cakes or snack items. Package them with special handmade gift wrap and everyone will be all smiles.

My father loved to get handmade gifts and cards. I think most dads do. While gifts that were purchased with him in mind are great, there is something special about that handmade item that can't be beat!

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