Monday, February 18, 2013

Focus on Professional Development

(Repost from 2/21/11)

Nannies often struggle to find continuing education or other professional development opportunities. A nanny position is frequently isolating without co-workers, so nannies that are looking for connections may need some direction. Joining a professional organization or association can be the answer. These groups provide networking, continuing education and professional development options. Families can support their nanny by encouraging membership in a professional organization. Many families add to their nanny’s benefits by offsetting membership or conference expenses.

Local support groups provide a variety of opportunities for nannies in a local community. Many local groups provide classes that are specific and pertinent to the nanny profession. They may also have nanny/child play groups or activities that build community not only for the nanny but for the children as well. Local groups may also be active in community outreach and service.

National organizations have a broader vision of the industry which can include information on legislation, standards, best practices and more. Often the association will provide a yearly conference with well known and respected speakers as well as professional networking opportunities. Connecting with others on in a national forum expands everyone's vision of the industry as a whole.

Twin Cities Professional Nannies (TCPN) is the local support group for the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and extends to western Wisconsin. This active group provides educational offerings several times during the year on a variety of topics. They also host an annual Nanny Day Conference in the fall with a full day of speakers and networking with other local nannies. TCPN is also active in the community at large, volunteering with outreach efforts that touch local children and families. Social activities are also offered several times throughout the year so that nannies can connect with on another. Membership starts at $35 per year and renewal is $30 per year thereafter. For more information, check out their website at

International Nanny Association (INA) is the largest and oldest industry organization celebrating 28 years in 2013. INA hosts an annual weekend conference each year bringing in nationally recognized speakers. The association provides printed and online materials for all aspects of the industry. As an umbrella association which includes nannies, nanny employers, nanny placement agencies, educators and support services for the industry there is a wealth of information available to all members. Nanny memberships are $35 per year with discounts for conference registration and other opportunities. INA’s website is which includes more information about membership benefits and services.

Nannypalooza is a two day conference for nannies and nanny related businesses. Nannypalooza was founded on the principle that high quality training can be offered in a fun and affordable setting. To find out more about the 2013 conference and online support information check out

Membership in a professional organization supports the nanny in their chosen career. It also sets a nanny apart by demonstrating their attitude of professionalism.

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