Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Crafts

Want a beautiful spring craft idea? Try the Dragonfly Bead project from Spoonful Crafts. Directions are available from There are lots of other craft options there for all ages.

We've done this type of craft with both the more delicate beads and wire that are suggested in the directions and also with the larger sized pony beads with pipe cleaners for those smaller hands. Children should be old enough to manage beading projects. Great for small motor development and creative expression, beading is great for boys and girls. We've made Dragonflies, Butterflies, Caterpillars, Ladybugs, Bees and a host of other creative insect creatures. We’ve made some into pins or pendants, or in the case of a spider that the 8 year old boy created, a ring which he gave to his mother. She loved it!

Since the children were different ages and stages we often did this type of project when the youngest was napping. But that didn't mean she missed out on the fun. Using pipe cleaners alone to create critters was perfect for her. You can get a variety of pipe cleaners to add more texture and get the creative juices flowing. I like to have plenty on hand for projects in a variety of colors.

To make them into pins simply hot glue (an adult job) a pin back onto the finished project or if you are able to wire the pin back into the project it’s even better. For a pendant you need to create a wire or pipe cleaner loop so that it can be put onto a chain, ribbon or other necklace material. If you want a ring you’ll need to have enough wire or pipe cleaner to wrap from the back of the project to form the ring. Using wire or pipe cleaner makes the ring easily adjustable. We preferred the colored and coated jewelry wire that comes in a variety of gauges. For the most part we used our fingers to manipulate the wire, but you can also introduce jewelry tools which are small and easy for little hands.

Have fun creating some great projects that are especially good on a rainy day!

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