Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Easy Suncatchers for All Seasons!

Clear contact paper is the key to making suncatchers anytime!

We loved making suncatchers for all seasons - really anytime. Clear contact paper made it so easy. We would select what we were going to put onto the contact paper, decide on the shape we wanted the suncatcher to be, and how we wanted to place it in the window. Here are some simple steps to follow for your own suncatcher collection:
  1. Decide on what size and shape your finished project will be. You'll need to keep this in mind as you build the suncatcher as you need room to seal the edges and trim to the shape. You may want to have a shape template ready but this is not essential.
  2. Decide on the items you'd like in your suncatcher. Specialty papers, tissue paper, leaves, grasses, small light weight objects - having some items that are translucent and others that are opaque adds interest.
  3. Place items onto a sheet of contact paper sticky side up - keep in mind your final size and shape of the suncatcher.
  4. Press objects lightly onto paper.
  5. Place second sheet of contact paper over the first sealing in the objects. Now you can press more firmly and seal the edges well.
  6. Trim to desired shape and size.
  7. Hang you suncatcher - options include using clear tape and taping to window, using a punched hold and ribbon to hang it or using a window hook with a suction cup holder. We used these hangers because we liked to change out our suncatchers often. We also selected a window that had good light coming through and was an appropriate spot for these delightful creations!
Be creative - take this idea and springboard to another wonderful project! Have fun!

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