Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Projects - Part 3 "It's all about Pom Poms"

Oh for the love of Pom Poms! These little balls of fluff are so versatile and fun to create great projects for the holidays or any time. They are inexpensive and often come in a variety pack of sizes, colors and textures. I liked to them on hand in our art supplies. You never know when a pom pom will make just the right touch to children's projects. Here are three options that work well for the holiday season. Now that you are thinking "Pom Pom" I know you'll start seeking all kinds of ideas for creations!

For these basic ornaments you'll want a cardboard or card stock base shape. I liked to use holiday cookie cutters as the shape ideas - trace around the cookie cutter the basic shape on the card stock, cut and glue on pom poms in the desired design. A good craft glue that is tacky works very well. We had a little dish of glue for dipping which aided in clean up. Let the ornament dry completely and then attach a ribbon, yarn or string tie to the back of the card stock for hanging. 

Snow People
You'll need a couple of different sizes of pom poms to create snow people. We found the a good craft glue does work but even better is stringing them together by using a sewing needle and thread. While this technique is not for all ages it's a good skill to build on. I used a large tapestry style needle that is not as sharp as some of the other sewing needle types. We found the quilting thread was a good choice because it is sturdy and overall easier to thread through the needle. Starting from the bottom pom pom sew through the middle of each one. We used felt for the hat brim - cut as a circle it can also be sewn through. The top of the hat we glued on. Add embelishments as desired - we used a craft marker made for fabrics, google eyes, even smaller pom poms, felt or fabric scarf. These can be used as hanging decorations or attached to a firm base for making a snow people snow scene.
Pom Pom Garland
For best results on this one you really do need to string the garland with a needle and thread. Again the larger sized needle with a duller point works great along with quilting thread. These make festive decorations anywhere around the house or tree. Children can get into creating patterns, sizes and textures when making their garland. This project takes patience. Younger ones can get involved by suggesting which pom pom comes next. I got a lot of help with my garland from the youngest one before she was old enough to start her own. That "practice run" for her made her first garland creation a breeze.

There are so many ideas when using pom poms as your base media. Enjoy!   

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