Monday, January 31, 2011

Asthma - Information You Can Use

Did you know asthma keeps more kids home from school than any other chronic illness? Asthma can be developed at any age, awareness is essential.
My nieces were preemies and asthma developed for them as young toddlers. Careful monitoring and a closely followed treatment plan were essential for improvement as they grew and matured. Although, they still have asthma they are managing it with an inhaler only as young adults. Children in my care developed exercise induced asthma in middle school. Looking back we can see how several bouts with bronchitis in their early school years were signs that asthma was something to be concerned about. Again they manage their occasional flare-ups with an inhaler. Here are several sites that offer help to parents and children.

Kids Health -
American Lung Association -
MedicineNet -
WebMD -

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  1. My son is 17. HE has respitrol for asthma for when his symptoms cause shortness of break of spasmodic cough. It works!