Monday, January 10, 2011

Pop! Bubble Gum Factory Mixes Up Fun

by Kelly Miller

Are you looking for a fun activity for school age children?  I just spent the weekend making bubble gum with my daughter and two of her friends.  The Bubble Gum Factory comes with enough ingredients to make about 10 batches of gum (and 10 different flavors of gum, too!) .  Included is a history and recipe book all about gum!  We had fun being "food scientists" and exploring flavors ..... we discovered 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid totally changes the gum flavor.  Food coloring does not come with the kit; we used gel food colors, and the girls had fun experimenting with various color combinations.

Bubble Gum Factory Ages 8+, 1 ea
To make the gum, you melt the gum base in the microwave.  Then add corn syryp and food coloring.  Next you add the flavor (see recipe book for ideas).  Lastly you knead the gum with powdered sugar.  We made the gum into balls to fill up our gumball machine.  Warning:  this is a messy, fun  project!  Bowls and spoons need to be soaked in hot water to be cleaned ... but it is worth it! 

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