Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Make It Project: Using Resources Wisely

I enjoy projects that allow you to recycle items and also be creative. Here's one idea that is nanny tested and child approved. Enjoy!

Block Party

Children love building and creating. You don't need fancy commercial block sets to have fun building. One year for Christmas I decided to make a block set for all the children to share and enjoy. They loved this set so much they wore them out.

  1. You'll need a variety of sizes of cardboard boxes. Food boxes work wonderfully (cereal, rice, oatmeal, crackers, snack size boxes, pasta, etc.).
  2. Contact paper with a simple pattern. While you can buy contact paper with lots of color and prints, I was looking for something that would make a nice wall. Contact paper is wonderful because it allows these boxes to be sturdy and durable through all types of play.
  3. Tape the ends of the boxes securely shut and stabilize any corners.
  4. Cover each box with contact paper. I used a gift wrapping technique to get clean ends without too much bulk so the box could stand up well on any side.
  5. I secured a large box - one from a refrigerator, large appliance size works best. Cut it down to a manageable size so that all the smaller boxes have a home inside that large box. Cover that with contact as well. I put their names on the large box in permanent marker and also used fun stickers to decorate.
  6. Start building!

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