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National Kids Day - Sunday, August 7, 2011

We found this information and wanted to pass it along to you. We believe in children and families - so sharing information you may find helpful is part of our goal. National KidsDay was created in 1994 by KidsPeace, a 129-year-old national children's charity, to encourage adults to spend more meaningful time with their children.
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National KidsDay is …
an opportunity to celebrate childhood; to demonstrate our commitment to nurturing children; to inspiring our nation, our communities and our families to love and appreciate children; and to prepare our children for a healthy, happy, successful future.

Ways to celebrate!
With more than 129 years of expertise on helping children facing crisis, KidsPeace created National KidsDay as an annual event on the national calendar to honor and celebrate the inherent value and worth of children.

To encourage the nation’s adults – parents, grandparents, relatives, neighbors, teachers and other caregivers– to spend more meaningful time with America’s children. In this way, we can build a nation of strong, resilient, happy children who know that they are loved by caring adults and can enjoy just being kids.

KidsPeace believes in the inherent value of children and seeks to help America renew its commitment to be a nation where every child feels safe and loved, trusts in those around them and enjoys the freedom to be a child.
•National KidsDay is an opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to nurturing children.
•National KidsDay seeks to inspires parents and caregivers to take the time to communicate their commitment to children through the gift of meaningful time.
•National KidsDay challenges parents and caregivers to take time out of their busy schedules and “make a date” with their kids to do something that builds bonds, trust, love and growth for the future.
•National KidsDay provides parents and caregivers with a day that focuses on active participation, not merely observance.

Why America needs National Kidsday
For decades, children across America have asked their parents, grandparents and guardians why America celebrates "Mother's Day" and "Father's Day," but has no "Kid's Day." National KidsDay fills that gap and seeks to provide a reminder of children's year-round need for meaningful time and interactions with adults.

•To create awareness of children’s value and needs year-round by focusing on a yearly celebration on the national calendar.
•To change the way America looks at – and treats – its children.
•To create a world where children can find safety, love, trust and the freedom to grow and be a child.

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