Friday, January 20, 2012

Letter of Recommendation Tips

Families and nannies occasionally ask us about some tips for writing a recommendation letter. Employer families certainly write letters for their nannies, but nannies can also write a letter for their employer easing the transition to a new nanny. Here are some basics on writing the letter.

Typically recommendation letters are formatted in the following way:
  • Opening Paragraph: Statement of recommendation and usually includes length of their association, the relationship to the letter writer and dates of employment
  • Second (and third) Paragraph: Focus the individual's strengths with specific examples, this is the chance to personalize remarks and tell a story or two about them
  • Last Paragraph: Restate the recommendation, include an offer to contact the letter writer directly for more information
  • Contact Information: Following the signature include preferred contact information (phone numbers and/or email)
  • Make sure that the letter is dated. Knowing when the letter was written is important, particularly for individuals who have gathered several letters over the years

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