Monday, January 16, 2012

Time to Potty Train!

by Kelly Miller

What is the wisest gift I purchased this holiday season?  The Cars 2 potty chair!  My son is now 29-months-old, and he will be the fifth child I will potty train (but the first boy).  My initial plan was to wait until June to start the training process .... but he loves his new potty, and he will actually urinate when he sits on it (most of the time!).  I don't want to lose this critical time where he is interested in the potty, so I plan to start having him wear underwear this weekend. 

On Friday, I will let him pick out his own underwear (Thomas?  Elmo? Spiderman?).  He loves juice boxes, so I will also buy plenty (we need lots of opportunity for success!). Candy will be a tasty reward.  Stickers to put all over his potty seat each time he is successful.  I will also move his potty chair to the family room so it is easily accessable.  Every 30-45 minutes, I will ask him to sit on the potty.  This method worked well for my daughter as well as the children I have nannied for over the years.  If he grows tired, I will let him take a break in a diaper.

Do you wonder if your toddler is ready to use the potty?  Here are some signs of readiness.  Is your toddlers diaper dry at changing time?  Do you notice expressions or positions your toddler makes when they need to go?  Does your toddler sit on a potty chair fully clothed when you are using the bathroom?  Does your toddler have the necessary language skills needed to communicate with you?  Can your child undress himself? 

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