Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ice Castles and Igloos

by Kelly Miller

Each February, I go to the store to purchase sugar cubes, white frosting and an assortment of candy (gummy bears, spice drops, conversation hearts and m&m's are my favorites). I gather the children I am currently nannying, and the fun begins!

Ice castles and igloos work well if they are built on cardboard with tinfoil wrapped around the top. We start by creating a castle base, and then we add towers and anything else we can think of. (This year we had an ice skating rink made with frosting and blue sprinkles, as well as gummy bears sitting around a campfire). School agers have the ability to make elaborate castles, and toddlers and preschoolers have fun with a simple castle.

Another idea is to use the sugar cubes to create an igloo. This year we had spice drops decorating the top of the igloo, with gummy bears inside. Be creative and have fun with sugar cubes!

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