Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Breakfast & Lunch Ideas for Back to School

Breakfast and lunch ideas for the back to school crowd. For more information and other ideas you can visit Enjoy!


Bake a make-ahead breakfast

25 Tips for a Better School YearDon't have time for a sit-down meal in the morning? Bake and freeze a batch of our scrumptious make-ahead muffins. Besides banana and chocolate chips, our recipe uses whole wheat flour and has a larger yield than many (18 muffins). When the morning routine has slowed to a crawl, kids can quickly microwave a muffin to go.

Spiff up sandwiches

25 Tips for a Better School YearlMake your next PB&J a cut above the rest by using Puzzle Bites Crustless Sandwich Cutter (Mom Invented, $4), a slicer that trims away crusts and turns your child's sandwich into an edible puzzle

Pack breakfast for lunch

25 Tips for a Better School YearlWhen Ann Smith of Monroeton, Pennsylvania, runs out of time or ideas, she throws together a quick bagged breakfast for her son David's lunch. The package is simple: a plastic spoon, a lidded storage bowl filled with healthy cereal, and a banana or resealable sandwich bag filled with berries or dried fruit. "My son buys milk to pour over his meal, and voilĂ ! He's got a three-food-group lunch," says Ann. David claims to be the envy of the lunch table.

Dip into something different

25 Tips for a Better School YearSwitch your child's usual sandwich for a delicious lunch alternative like Apricot Yogurt Dip or Very Veggie Dip. 25 Tips for a Better School Year

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