Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wild to Wacky

by Samantha Sawyer

Wild to Wacky (Sandwich...that is)
Are you a parent who is trying to hold it together until the kids are back in school?
Two more weeks, two more weeks, just two more weeks…
If you find yourself using a mantra similar to this on a daily basis then this article is for you!

Temper tantrums, clinginess and power struggles may be due to something other than summer’s end.  Your child could be stuck in the “high alert” body chemistry mode called fight or flight from something as simple as childhood activities like running and rolling around.  Did you just ask him to play nicely and now, 10 minutes later, he’s showing the same problem behavior as before?  When your child is in fight or flight mode learning and logical rules literally cannot sink in.  Luckily, we have a fun and easy solution that will shift your child’s brain chemicals so that his body gets signals of calm integration rather than yucky, anxious disintegration.

Enter - Sensory Games!  Playing a sensory game will release your child from fight or flight mode, improve behaviors and his ability to self-entertain rather than bouncing off the walls screaming for your constant attention.  But, wait, sensory games?  There’s no time to learn new games right now when we’re crazy busy preparing for the school year!

On the contrary…the beauty of a sensory game is that you simply incorporate one into what you are already doing on a daily basis – spending time with your child during play.  With common household items like couch cushions and pillows you can initiate one of our favorite sensory games from the comfort of your own home.  Follow the four simple steps listed here: http://brighteningconnections.com/?p=917

Become an expert at simple sensory games and shift your mantra from “something has GOT to change” to “oh yeah, I GOT this!    


Want individualized parent coaching to rapidly shift your child’s challenging behaviors?  Schedule your initial consultation with Samantha@brighteningconnections.com by 9/21/12 to get the reduced rate of $47 ($73 savings!) – must mention Nannies Heartland.
Samantha Sawyer, M.A. CCC-SLP is licensed in the state of MN and received her certification of clinical competence through the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA), the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for Speech Language Pathologists. She is licensed through the MN Department of Health and MN Department of Education. To maintain credentialing she pursues continuing education in her field and explores related areas of Sensory Integration, Floortime, emotional regulation of the brain and nervous system, Child Development and counseling, nutrition and energy medicine.

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