Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Family Friendly Game with a Personal Twist

Ask Me Anything

by Amy Brown, Photograph by Joe Polillio from Family Fun Magazine 
Just how well do you know that grandma of yours? This easygoing question game may yield some surprising discoveries.
You'll see the link in the setup section to a set of pre-made questions that you can print and use or will give you some ideas for your own questions.

  1. The Setup: Make a basic game board (we recommend dividing a piece of sturdy cardboard into about 30 spaces) or simply use a board from a game you have on hand, such as Candy Land. On index cards, write questions that will help uncover interesting facts about your family members (find a set of questions here).

    Place the question cards facedown in a pile and assign each player a game piece.
  2. To Play: The first player draws a card and reads the question aloud to the player on his right. The player writes down his answer while the questioner writes down what he thinks the answer will be. Both players then read their answers aloud. If they match, the questioner rolls the dice and moves his piece that number of spaces, then draws another question to ask another player.

    If the answers don't match, the next player draws a question. The first player to reach the designated end space wins.

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