Monday, November 19, 2012

Creative Thanksgiving Ideas

 You know how much we like Family Fun. If you are looking for some creative Thanksgiving crafts, games, recipes and more check out Here are a few of the many ideas from the website. Enjoy!
Not only can this festive bird really dress up a Thanksgiving table, it also does double duty serving up your dinner rolls.

   Large brown paper bag
   Piece of corrugated cardboard
   Paper plates
   Mod-Podge glue
   Colored paper
   Orange or red balloon and googly eyes
   Glitter, stickers, or other notions
   Craft clothespins
   Tacky glue
  1. Turkey Table Topper - Step 1 The Turkey's Body:
    Trim the bag so that it measures about 8 inches tall. Then fold down the sides so that they are half the height and double the thickness. Cut the cardboard to fit in the bottom of the bag and insert it. Next, fold a paper plate in half and fit it inside the bag where the tail will go, bending the sides as needed.
  2. Turkey Table Topper - Step 2 Staple the plate in place. Then staple a second plate (don't fold this one) to the outside of the bag behind the first plate. For wings, fold 2 paper plates in half and staple one to each side so the bag is sandwiched between it.
  3. Turkey Table Topper - Step 3 For the turkey's head, fold and staple another paper plate, as illustrated. Decorate all the paper plates, including the head, by gluing on torn bits of colored paper. Then add a balloon wattle and googly eyes.
  4. Turkey Table Topper - Step 4 The Feathers:
    Have your kids glue colored paper shapes on paper plates, layering different prints or creating bold patterns if they like.
  5. When the glue is dry, cut feather shapes out of the plates and stick a craft clothespin to the back of each with tacky glue so your child can attach the feathers to the paper plates. For an extrafancy finish, they can add decorative notions or even their names.

The leisurely pace of Turkey Day can be challenging for small celebrants. Keep spirits high with this fun game. The dexterity test fills downtime between courses (and may have kids hunting for runaway game pieces).
What You Need        Chopsticks
       Unshelled walnut
       Small plate
Give each player a set of chopsticks and place an unshelled walnut, an acorn, a cranberry, and a pea on a small plate next to the oldest player. She begins by using the chopsticks to pass each object, from largest to smallest, to the person on her right, who receives it with chopsticks and passes it along to the next player. The object is to try to get all four objects back to the starting plate without dropping any of them. Players unable to manage the chopsticks can use a teaspoon instead.


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