Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Flower Project

Spring Flower Art
Here's a fun activity to put a little spring in your day. I liked using large sheets of heavy duty art paper. It gives good results and holds up well to the paint.

Any kind of project with paint on hands and/or feet has the potential to get messy. Ok - it is messy but so much fun! Prepare for this by having a tarp or other covering on floor or table and be ready with tub of warm soapy water for clean up. I had some old towels at the ready so we could do some hand and feet washing - which, by the way, is a nice sensory activity unto itself. If you are working with more than one child on this project the others can be creating a free expression painting while you focus on hands and feet of one child at a time. Or you could have them engaged in a non-art project nearby and call them over one at a time - a bit easier to manage.

For the paint I used tempera mixed with some clear dish soap. It made for quicker clean up and didn't dilute the intensity in color of the paint at all. Make sure you have a space to allow for drying of the finished product. This idea works well on a T-shirt for Mom (Mother's Day) or Dad (Father's Day) as well. We did this with just the hand print for a card for grandparents - one from each child. Parents and grandparents loved it!

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