Monday, August 12, 2013

Celebrate August

August is a month lacking a big holiday . . . but there are some fun "special days" in August. Explore, discover and invent ways to celebrate. Get your creative juices flowing and have a party!

August 16 - National Tell A Joke Day
Get your jokes ready and let loose! Spread the laughs to family and friends. What about creating a joke book of all your favorites or a "Joke Journal" that you can add to throughout the year. We'd love to hear what ideas you have to celebrate Joke Day.

August 19 - National Aviation Day
This day was picked because it is Orville Wrights birthday. Discover more about the science of flight. Take time to make your own airplanes or gliders.

August 23 - Ride the Wind Day
After learning more about flight on the 19th, what a fun day to make and fly kites! Paper bag kites are a great option for the youngest children. They are easy to make and because the child is supplying the thrust these kites can get going even on the calmest day.

August 26 - National Dog Day
It's time for a Puppy Party! Make a day of it with games, snacks and crafts. If you have a dog in your home don't forget to include them. If not, no worries you can still celebrate : )

August 31 - National Trail Mix Day
Have fun experimenting and developing new trail mix recipes. Plan a trail mix bar with all types of fun ingredients that each person can choose from. Happy munching!

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