Friday, September 27, 2013

Minneapolis #3

Minneapolis was #3 in a recent article ranking the best places to be a nanny. While we're excited to be included, we'd like to add is that although they present an average nanny wage in Minneapolis we feel this is not reflective of our experience. The method in which they determined the average hourly compensation is described on their site - . As you'll see they grouped all child care in determining average wages. This includes babysitters and nannies. We feel that career professional nannies are in their own category. If you'd like more accurate information about career professional nannies compensation and related industry information you can visit the International Nanny Association website at and you'll see their recent Salary and Benefit Survey on the home page (lower right hand corner). This survey is done by a professional service and provides extensive information about statistics on the industry.

For the article follow this link:

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