Friday, August 5, 2011

Just for Fun Days

August is a month lacking a big holiday . . . but there are some fun "special days" in August. Here are a few for this weekend. Why not celebrate?! Get your creative juices flowing!

August 5
National Waffle Day - Not only could you eat waffles but you might think about ways to be creative with art projects with a waffle focus. Learn more about the history of the waffle.
Neil Armstong's Birthday - Research more about Neil and the space program. Visit your library for information or do an online search. Construct your own rocket from found objects and take flight with your imagination. For more about Neil Armstrong -

August 6
National Mustard Day - My brain is spinning with all kinds of mustard related art, games, songs, not to mention some great eating. Want to know more - check out
Wiggle Your Toes Day - Take your toes out on an adventure. Instead of finger painting, try toe painting. Learn more about your feet and toes. Walk, swim, roller blade and give your toes some exercise.

August 7
American Family Day - Have a family party! Celebrate your family's history. Have a family story time to share the rich memories of your family. Draw or paint a family portrait. Make a family video or scrapbook. Plan a family outing or gathering.
Friendship Day - Write an actual note or card to send to a friend and share what they mean to you. Gather with friends to play, go on a bike ride or take a walk. Plan a friendship picnic or meal. Host a game night.
National Kids Day - Check out for information on Kids Day.

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