Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back-to-School Projects

While looking for some fun back-to-school projects I found three on the Family Fun website that we have done over the years. I actually thought we'd "invented" them . . . now I see others have had these ideas. Maybe your school age children will love them as much as the children I've cared for.

This notebook is great to keep paper in and school supplies on the binder.
Thin, braided-elastic headbands
Three-ring binder
Writing utensils
Crisscross a dozen or so thin, braided-elastic headbands around the front cover of a three-ring binder, and your child can tuck writing utensils and reminder notes under them, as shown.

This tubular art tote will keep your child's projects safe on those masterpiece-crumpling bus rides home.

Cardboard mailing tube (found at office supply stores) with two end caps; our tube is about 25 inches long and 3 inches wide
Duct tape
Permanent markers
1.Make the strap by unrolling about 40 inches of duct tape and laying it sticky-side-up on a table. Place a second strip of equal length on top of the first, with the sticky side down. Carefully press the two together.
2.Attach the strap to one end of the mailing tube with duct tape. Measure the strap so that it'll fit comfortably across your child's chest, then cut off the excess and attach this end to the tube with tape.
3. Wrap tape around both of the tube's ends a few times. Have your child decorate the tube with permanent markers.

Personalize your notebook with your favorite photo.

Self-adhesive vinyl photo pocket
Favorite photo, postcard, or piece of artwork
1.All it takes is a self-adhesive vinyl photo pocket to transform a notebook cover into a frame for your child's favorite photo, postcard, or piece of artwork.

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