Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back-to-School Time Capsule

Another great idea from Family Fun.

Back-to-School Time Capsule Need a simple project for those itchy, edgy, last few days of summer vacation? Have your child assemble this Back-to-School Time Capsule. By adding to it each year, she can create a book of memories and milestones. Imagine a fifth grader looking back on what she liked and disliked in the summer before second grade; it would give her a great feeling of personal growth--and no doubt a good laugh!

Transform a blank three-ring notebook into a time capsule by decorating pages so that they record both what the summer was like as well as hopes for and thoughts about the coming school year. For example, your child might include a photo from summer camp and also write about the sports team she'll play on at school this year. Check out the starter list below for more sample ideas.

The best thing that happened this summer (a drawing, a photo or a few words)
What I like to collect (show it or write it)
Vacation photos
Hand- or footprint, in washable tempera paint
Drawing or photo of my best friend
Best movie I saw this summer
My favorite song
My favorite meal
My favorite sport
My favorite book
Invitation from a birthday party I attended this summer
Pressed flowers or leaves
A scrap of my favorite summer T-shirt (these are usually too stained and stretched out to last another season anyway)
Sand from the beach (glue on)
School subject I love most
School subject I love least
Best thing I've heard about the coming school year
My new teacher's name
What I'm most afraid of
What I'm proudest of
I like ___
I dislike ___
Self-portrait (maybe in outfit I plan to wear the first day of school)


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