Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three Fun Ideas

Just had to share these three ideas with you to add to your creative activities. One is a food project, one is an art project and the last one is an easy game to play. All are from Family Fun.

Corn on the Cobcakes
You will need:
Yellow and white jelly beans
White frosted cupcakes
White decorating sugar
Yellow Starburst candy
Corn Holders
Corn Plates (optional)

Ears a corny treat that'll sweeten up any summer day. You can make your own cupcakes according to box directions and frost with a white frosting . . . or . . . buy pre-made cupcakes that have white frosting. Press rows of jelly beans into the frosted tops to resemble corn kernels. Line up three cupcakes together and sprinkle with decorating sugar. This sugar has a coarse, salt-like look to it. To make candy butter microwave a Starburst for about 8 seconds, stretch it into a melted-butter shape and top the center cupcake with the "butter". Add a corn holder to each end of the "cob" and serve. A corn plate can help add to the illusion. YUM!

Sandy Hand Mosaic
You will need:
Beach or other treasures - small items work best
1 1/2 cups Plaster of Paris in a quart sized plastic zip bag
Stick or wooden chopstick

You can do this on a trip to the beach right at the water's edge or at home later with your beach treasures. It also works with other objects - I've done it with small toys, game pieces, nature materials and old pieces of jewelry.

1. Have the child press their hand into damp, hard-packed sand, making a 2-inch deep impression.
2. Line the hand print area with the items you'd like to include (see the photo for design ideas). Set them face down lightly into the impression area - don't push down too hard.
3. Add 1 cup of water to the bagged 1 1/2 cups of plaster. Seal the bag and knead it to combine the plaster powder with the water. Carefully pour the wet plaster in the palm of the hand print, covering everything. (If you are at home and want to mix this in a plastic container that will also work. The plastic bags are really great for reducing the mess of the plaster - so I love using them.)
4. Use a stick or wooden chopstick to move plaster into the finger and thumb areas.
5. Let the plaster set until it's hard, at least 30 minutes. See plaster directions to be sure that enough drying time has been allowed.
6. Once dry, carefully dig out the sand from around the plaster mold. You may need to use the chopstick again for this. If you are away from home wrap up the hand to transfer - a small towel will work. Some sand will cling to the mold.

Bubble Bust Game
This game couldn't be easier or more fun. Blow a bunch of bubbles. Call out a different body part, such of elbow, knee, nose or toe. Challenge your child to burst each bubble using the specified body part. I liked to call out the body part before the bubbles start flying so the child is ready to go. For several children I would blow a batch of bubbles for each one and spread out the space between them to limit any crashes. Then let each child have a turn calling out a body part. Hint: have your camera ready because this is a great photo opportunity!

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